NC2064 is now at the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum

NC2064 made it from western PA to the west coast via truck.  The North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum hosted an event honoring the ship and Fred Ludtke.  The museum posted the following video on their YouTube channel:

Rick Ludtke posted the following pictures on the Monocoupe Aircraft Page on Facebook:

NC2064-July-2014-1 NC2064-July-2014-2 NC2064-July-2014-3 NC2064-July-2014-4

Since that event, Jim Jenkins, has been able to fly NC2064 and took her to the Arlington fly-in. The following pictures were posted on the General Aviation News Facebook Page.

NC2064-GANews-July-2014-1 NC2064-GANews-July-2014-2 NC2064-GANews3-July-2014-2

NC2064 to North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum?

Saw the following post on Twitter yesterday by the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum:


This is the same museum that, last year, acquired Monocoupe 90A, NC18166, which had been owned and flown in air shows by Fred Ludtke. If NC2064, Monocoupe 110 Special, “Spirit of Dynamite” ends up at the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum, then the museum would have both of these important ‘Coupes in house.

Give them a follow on Twitter @NCVintageAir.


B-17 “Sentimental Journey” Visits Sedona

This is really a great story.  A local veteran was a tail gunner in the B-17 in World War II.  His family hired the B-17 “Sentimental Journey” to fly up to Sedona this morning and they surprised the veteran with a private tour of the plane and a private flight around Sedona.

After the crew was done with the private tour and flight they stayed for public tours and flights.  Sentimental Journey is from the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force and is based and Mesa’s Falcon Field.

B-17 Sentimental Journey Sentimental Journey at Sedona

Here is a video of the B-17 and an RV at Sedona this morning:


Sportsman Pilot Article: “A Couple of Clipwings”

Lynn Lockrow scanned an article written by Jack and Golda Cox and which appeared in SPORTSMAN PILOT, Vol 14 #4, Winter 1995.  The article covers two clippings: N2347 which, at that time, was owned by Bill Symmes and N18RM which is still owned by Richard Montague.

You can download the 11 MB PDF file here (best to use right click save as).  Here is a blog post on this site about N18RM.

Thanks Len!

N2347-sportsman-pilot N18RM-sportsman-pilot